Alongside some of the world's top healthcare professionals, we help deliver new possibilities by:

  • Helping clinicians achieve exceptional outcomes for their patients
  • Innovating state-of-the-art solutions backed by science and superior craftmanship
  • Leading the industry in educational experiences
  • Delivering responsive, personalized service
  • Improving quality of life for people around the world

Make a Difference. Be the Difference.

We hire talented and highly motivated team members with a range of skills, experience and backgrounds to fulfill roles in a wide range of careers. Pursue your passion for engineering, quality and regulatory affairs, manufacturing, marketing, sales, information technology and others – the opportunities are diverse and global. 

Global Headquarters 

4555 Riverside Drive • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

State-of-the-Art-Manufacturing Facilities 

Strong Global Sales Network

2,000+ Employees Worldwide 

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

We are excited to announce new educational opportunities through Digital Smile Design (DSD),

a company that practices and teaches systematic approaches and strategies to improve comprehensive dentistry through innovative technology and communication protocols.